Lilie Yoga

What can you even say when you get to photograph one of the most beautiful girls you have ever seen? I could just post the photos and you would understand what I mean, but I will add this:

Lilie is breathtaking. Even in India. Even. without showering. Even without makeup. Even without hair dryers… Lilie is just one of those girls you can’t take your eyes off of. And maybe the nicest thing about Lilie: she doesn’t even believe me. In fact, she’s probably rolling her eyes that I put that in writing right now. Oh and these Goan sunsets don’t hurt either. yoga photography | Mindy Arnholt Photography

yoga photography | Mindy Arnholt Photography


Hi! I’m Mindy- and I’m overly excited that you’re here. The truth is, I still wake up and write “I’m grateful to have turned photography into a ‘real’ job” in my gratitude journal at least 2-3 times a week. After seven years, it’s still hard for me to believe it’s real. It just makes me all swirly inside to believe that I get to make a living doing the thing that I love.  And it’s ONLY because people like you pop over to this site and decide to trust me with capturing your family that I get to do it. So seriously… thank you.