Sisters during their pastel Ice Cream Cake Smash Session | Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer

Ice Cream Cake Smash

We were over the top excited about this 2020 Ice Cream Cake Smash for Miss Mollie! As we started putting the all of the details together though, we decided what would be better than a cake smash for her one year old? An Ice Cream, “Two Scream” cake smash for her one year old and three year old!

Now… if you know my work, you know that I don’t shoot pastels very often. In fact… I often discourage them. I also don’t edit in black and white terribly often. Well… Anne (mama of these two cuties) loves a good frilly pastel dress and also loves to print bnw. And, as one of my all time favorite clients, I am more than willing to oblige.  (Although you won’t see any black and white shots in this blog, bc let’s be honest- it’s all about the color for this ice cream cake smash set!)

As soon as Anne sent me pictures of the dresses she bought for the girls, I took the color scheme and ran with it, creating the perfect ice cream sweets shop. My first call- always- was to Christine of Sweets Geeky Cakes. I sent her a picture of the girls outfit and a small mood board and left the rest of the creative cake genius to her. HOW cute did these ice cream themed cakes come out?!

Naturally I’d already enlisted Dane to build me a cocoa stand a few years prior, so I cut out new panels for the roof to match our new theme. Next, I set about creating cupcakes and ice cream cones out of spackling, and made paper ice cream cones and donuts to add a little more whimsy.  Then it was time for brightly colored balloons, cute little serving trays, an lots of little accessories I had picked up for my gingerbread house theme the Christmas before. Oh! And I couldn’t resist this cute little ice cream light. In fact I bought a few more that didn’t come in in time, but they are ready and waiting for my next Ice Scream Cake Smash Set!


Ice Cream Cake Smash Set | Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer


hand made faux ice cream cones and faux cupcakes with cherries for cake smash set | Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer


cute candy, cupcakes, and macaroons for Ice Cream "Two" Scream Cake smash | Anchorage Photographer


Close up of pastel faux cupcakes with cherries | Anchorage Cake Smash


Sweets shop cake smash set detail shots | Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer


Little girl holding a macaroon eating and ice cream cake | Anchorage Cake Smash


Ice cream cakes smash | cake by Sweets Geeky Cakes Spokane


Ice Cream Two Scream Cake Smash | Anchorage Photographer


Littler girl eating a macaroon | Ice cream Cake smash set


Ice Cream Cake Smash | Sweets Geeky Cakes


Sisters during their pastel Ice Cream Cake Smash Session | Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer


Ice cream cake smash | Anchorage Photographer


Two sisters in sync eating cake at cake smash session


Little girl with a cupcake headband eating a pink Ice Cream-themed Cake | Anchorage Photography Studio


Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer


Little girls in tutus after a cake smash session at Mindy Arnholt Photography in Anchorage, Alaska


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