Here She Glows Teepee Session | Southeast Botanical Gardens Okinawa

From the moment I met Miss Lily, I could envision this “Here She Glows” dress session. We got rained out twice, but the third time was the charm. The ground may have still been wet, but it only added to this gorgeous scene for this sweet session. We held this session only weeks before this pretty little one became a big sister and I was thrilled that we got a couple of pictures of her with mom, dad and her little brother bump too!

Lily was the perfect little model for this Dollcake Vintage “Here She Glows Frock”. She was playful and fun, and the dress ended up describing her perfectly. She can’t help but glow! So here’s a blog full of pictures of this little one dancing, twirling, running, smiling and even giving you some of her best “model poses”! Ready? Here she glows……. Teepee session in a palm tree grove wearing "Here She Glows Frock" by Dollcake

Here She Glows Frock | Dollcake Vintage Shoot

Here She Glows Frock | Dollcake Vintage Shoot


We held this session in the Southeast Botanical Gardens in Okinawa.If you are planning to do a session there, here are a few of my tips:

  • Bring Bug spray (you will need it)
  • Entrance is not free (¥1,500) so discuss with your clients how you guys will handle that. For photogs: I highly recommend purchasing the annual pass (if you shoot there twice it’s already paid for itself)
  • Do your research beforehand on closing times. Closing times vary through out the year and while they are open later on weekends, only one side of the gardens ever stays open past 6. (And p.s. it’s not the side with the palm tree grove)
  • Finally, speaking of Palm Tree Avenue…  still trying to figure out where this palm tree grove is? I have had at least half a dozen questions about where to find the palm tree grove since posting this blog, and since I’m all about sharing things these days, here you go: You have to walk across the parking lot into the other half of the gardens to find it! The gardens are broken up into two sections located on either side of the parking lot. To the left (where you find the reception desk) is the “Water” side. This is the part of the Southeast Botanical Gardens that most people visit (where they have the beautiful bridges, the monkeys, the lilies, etc.) Across the parking lot, however, is the less visited side with the Botanic Gardens Entrance (it’s also the side that still closes at six, even in the summer, even on the weekends). Walk over there, check out the map and follow along to find the Alexander Palm Street. I’m attaching a map to the bottom of this post– just for you!


Here She Glows | Southeast Botanical Gardens Okinawa

Dollcake Vintage | Southeast Botanical Gardens Okinawa | Spokane Photographer

Daddy & Me PhotosHere She Glows Frock | Dollcake Vintage Shoot

Mommy & Me Gardens Shoot

Botanical Gardens Maternity Session with Big Sister

Here She Glows Frock | Dollcake Vintage Shoot

Mindy Arnholt Photography is currently booking sessions in Spokane, Washington beginning October 1, 2017. Dresses are available to rent for sessions in both children and ladies sizes. Please feel free to CONTACT ME for additional information!

Looking for more info on the Southeast Botanical Gardens? Here ya, go!

Map:  Southeast Botanical Gardens Map | Okinawa



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