First birthday pictures with an outerspace theme

“Baby In Space” Astronaut Cake Smash

I can’t believe my Anchorage photography studio has been open long enough to be doing cake smash & milestone sessions for my first round of newborns!! Here’s a flashback to when this guy was just a week old. He was one of the three newborns who came in to my studio the first month I had it open!

When his mom and I were brainstorming ideas for Kayden’s cake smash she asked if I had anything on my “bucket list” of themes and I immediately sent her a list. I have about a hundred sets that live in my head and are just waiting for the perfect client to come along to create them for!

We narrowed it down to either a scientist theme or an astronaut theme and when I started putting mood boards together- we had a clear winner: Kayden was going to space! But then I had another problem, I had two very different directions I wanted to go in for this Astronaut Cake Smash. So I did what I often do and decided to create two. The first was completely inspired by a galactic balloon arch kit that I had seen around pinterest and knew I had the perfect backdrop to pair it with. The second was a little bit more “elegant” as I described it to her. “Just imagine warmer colors and maybe lots of hanging planets or something.” Right… super elegant. But again… this was backdrop inspired!  I had just received a new space-themed backdrop from my favorite company: Kate and I was dying to create a set around it!

(I have most of the supplies/props/backdrops from this Outer space Cake Smash linked at the bottom of the blog)

* Baby In Space Portraits*

Blast Off Cake Smash theme | Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer

Baby Astronaut | Mindy Arnholt Photography

Outer space Cake Smash | Mindy Arnholt Photography

Space Themed Cake Smash | Anchorage Family Photogapher

Nasa Cake Smash Theme | Anchorage Photographer

Astronaut Cake Smash | Anchorage Photographer

Baby In Space Cake Smash | Anchorage Photographer

Nasa Cake Smash | Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer


After we took his portraits surrounded by hanging planets and stars… it was time for cake. Back when we first moved to Japan, I used to decorate cakes. But when we moved to Spokane I found the AMAZING Christine Leaming of Sweets Geeky Cakes (avid Food Network fans might recognize her from Cake Wars- NBD).  And from the moment I met her, I knew that all of my hours were going into my sets from then on.  No more cake decorating for Mindy, I would leave the cakes to the pros!

Since I have yet to convince Christine to move to Alaska, I have been trying out different cake decorators here in Anchorage. Open to suggestions if you have a favorite! But for this little Astronaut and his outer space Cake Smash, I dusted off the old Wilton supplies and whipped some butter and sugar into a little night sky magic. I’ve always wanted to make a galaxy cake and for a first attempt, I feel like it went pretty well! I do have a bunch of ideas for my next one though.


*Astronaut Cake Smash*

First birthday pictures with an outerspace theme

Galaxy cake smash | Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer

baby in a nasa suit eating cake | Baby in space cake smash

planet balloon garland and galaxy backdrop for nasa cake smash

Out of this world Cake Smash | Anchorage Family Photographer

Out of this world Cake Smash | Mindy Arnholt Photography

Baby in nasa costume cake smash

galaxy cake for an out of this world cake smash theme

Baby in space

First Birthday Photos | Outerspace theme

First Birthday Milestone Photos | Anchorage Cake Smash


And of course, no cake smash is complete without cleaning up in the tub afterward.

Outer space Cake Smash clean up | Mindy Arnholt Photography

baby bathtub for cake smash | Anchorage Cake Smash Photographer

Cute baby in a bathtub | Anchorage Photographer

Nasa Cake Smash Clean Up | First Birthday


Okay, now where is everything from! I know, I know. I am always trying to find links to specific items, so I figured, if you have read this far, you deserve me to make it easy for you!  As an affiliate with some of these companies I may get a small commission from purchases made through these links.


  1. Okay first up: both backdrops are from Kate Backdrops. AND I LOVE THEM! (If you go through that link you will get free shipping on your first order.) I’ve been using these fleece-y, fabric backdrops for  years now, and I cannot say enough good things about them! The colors are vibrant, they are wrinkle-free, and you can throw them in the washer/dryer so clean up is a breeze. Plus you can’t beat the way they fold right up when it’s time to put them away. No more large rolls of paper I have to figure out where to store!I was initially approached by them about 6 years ago, and asked if I would do a tutorial on how I use their backdrops in my newborn work. It was my first EVER tutorial and Dane filmed it for me, and I felt so cool. LOL. Since then, I have begun using them for almost everything: fine art maternity, cake smashes, newborns… you name it!
  2. I ordered the planets and the balloon arch from Amazon, and I have them (and about a zillion other things you probably didn’t know you needed) linked in my Amazon storefront. I’m required to tell you that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.



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