Family Photographer

My sessions are a pretty 50/50 blend of me giving direction (yes! That means I will tell you what to do with your hands!) and capturing the candid in between moments that happen organically and tell the story of who you are when the camera is not around. I will get close ups of the tiny hands that mindlessly knead your shoulder, twirl your hair and find comfort just by touching you. And I will also get shots of people looking at the camera and smiling. What can I say- I just love them both! 

Family photos can be stressful. But after seven years, my process has become a pretty well oiled machine. Leading up to your session we will have already determined your location, wardrobe, even your playlist (because, yes, there will be music! I believe moments deserve a soundtrack, so that’s what you’ll get!) After booking you will get a customized Pinterest board that will help to ensure that we are on the same page. It will include a color palette, some styling suggestions, and images that help set “the mood” as they say these days. After you have a chance to look it over, we will refine things to make sure that you are getting exactly what best captures your little tribe for who they are.

I offer a client closet full of options, so if we can pull pieces from there, you are welcome to it! I also offer a “Stock the Studio” program where I will buy back certain pre-approved clothing items for my client closet after the session, so if you have a dream look that I don’t have, send me the items and we can decide if it will qualify! 

Next, you will take selfies in the clothes to text me pre-session, so that way if there are any little things you need to complete the look- you will know before it’s go-time so there are no last minute items needed! I know photo days can be stressful. I’ve made every mistake on the day of (like getting a waaaay too dark spray tan that morning, or realizing a sticky bra has no more stick left on the day of the session.) We won’t do that. We will have everything ready before picture day so that picture day goes as smooth as it can!

In fact, I encourage you to make the session day as stress-free as you can! That means feel free to have a glass of wine while you’re getting ready, and if hubby might enjoy the process more with a shot of whiskey- go for it! Shoot night is going to be a blast. It will just feel like going on a little adventure in cute clothes, loving on your people, and having a chatty new friend who keeps pointing a camera at you- A LOT. 

I always encourage people to plan something special for after the session, because your feelings about photos will always be linked to the experience. So make it memorable.  Our first and last family photo session as adults were taken on one of the best nights of our lives. My best friend came over and I set up the camera and told her to just keep clicking. We laughed almost the whole time— except when we cried a little. Afterward we made a huge mess eating stone crab claws and stayed up way too late playing games. There’s never been a night so full of love and absolutely uncontrollable laughter. It was the last time I got to see my dad before he was dying. I will hold those memories and those photos as some of the greatest treasures of my life forever. 

Remember we are making a memory, not just taking photos. 

three blonde sisters | anchorage family photographer

"We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun."
- AA Milne
Winnie the Pooh