About Me

First things first:  I’m completely Taylor Swift lyric-obsessed. In fact, you might have noticed that my packages are all named after her songs. And if you didn’t… well, now you know. 

I use WAAAAY too many caps and exclamations in my emails- but I’m not sorry about it. My husband and I were blessed to call many places home while he was in the military, but when he got out, we finally got to make a decision about where to live… and that’s what brought this Florida girl to Anchorage, Alaska. I’ve never said no to an adventure and I wasn’t going to change that now! 

I grew up absolutely overflowing with creative expression. I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was a kid, and I can’t explain the excitement when I went from the winding disposables to the waterproof/shatterproof Powershot I got in 2009. Man did that make me legit. They also knew me by name at the Walmart photo counter, because weekends meant scrapbooking for me, so I spent an hour every Friday night walking around the store waiting for my film to get developed. (I was super cool)

My school binders were… expressive. Covered in watercolor, poetry, collages of photos, and magazine clippings. My closet walls were what people would call dream boards today- except they were floor to ceiling. I was always restoring furniture I’d found at garage sales. If I could cut it, glue it, paint it, or repurpose it… It wasn’t safe in our home. Now, I’m all grown up (or so they tell me) and somehow, I found a way to turn all of that creative energy into a job. And, I still find that nothing is safe when I deem it project-worthy. Like the floral crown I made my niece out of my sister’s Christmas centerpiece last year. She wasn’t thrilled until she saw the final results. 

It took four years, three IUIs, two IVF egg retrievals, and one perfect embryo before we got pregnant with our son, who joined our family in April of 2023. I can honestly look at the whole thing now and say that God’s timing was perfect in EVERY way (even though I did not love it during the journey). 

It’s a #kiddingnotkidding statement when I say I started my professional photography business to make friends. And I am not kidding at all when I say that I have made almost all of my best friends as an adult through it. So…there. It worked. I still get butterflies before every single session. I think of them as mini adventures and I take the honor of spending a night with you really seriously. In fact, I have a very specific “pump up” mix that I play on my way. And, rest assured, it’s full of Taylor Swift

"I just had the most INCREDIBLE experience with Mindy! Not only is she an amazing photographer, but I ADORE her as a person! If you need any photos done, GO SEE MINDY! I cannot stress this enough! Highly highly HIGHLY recommend! - 5/5 Stars- 5/5 Hearts!"
- Kelsey Lynn Quick

Dane and Mindy | Anchorage Alaska
Couple in the snow with little dog | Mindy and Dane Arnholt
Mindy Arnholt Dancing in the desert | Reclamation Dress in Joshua Tree
Girl on guys shoulders | Dane and Mindy House Hunters