Hi! I’m Mindy – and I’m overly excited that you’re here. The truth is, I still wake up and write “I’m grateful photography turned into my‘real’ job” in my gratitude journal at least 2-3 times a week. After seven years, it’s still hard for me to believe it’s real. It just makes me all swirly inside to believe that I get to make a living doing the thing that I love.  And it’s ONLY because people like you pop over to this site and decide to trust me with capturing your family that I get to do it. So seriously… thank you.  

"I’m in love with beauty and things and people and love and being in love, and those things I think on the inside show on the outside."
- Gloria Vanderbilt

Family Photography

My sessions are a 50/50 blend of me giving direction (yes! That means I will tell you what to do with your hands!) and capturing the candid in between moments that happen organically and tell the story of who you are when the camera is not around. I will get close ups of the tiny hands that mindlessly knead your shoulder, twirl your hair and find comfort just by touching you. And I will also get shots of people looking at the camera and smiling. What can I say- I just love them both! 

Fall Photos in Alaska | Anchorage Family Photography

Maternity Photography

The absolute miracle of this little life growing inside of you is something to be in awe of- and we will capture it just that way. My maternity sessions, are usually held around the 30 week mark, but this is completely at your discretion. Some people like to rocking a teeny bump and some people want to wait until as close to their due date as possible! Partners and families are always welcome in any maternity session, but we will also make sure to get some images that just showcase mom and the bump! I offer a variety of session types when baby is on the way, so whether you are looking for studio or more of an outdoor adventure session, I’ve got you covered! 

Family Maternity Session in the Aspens | Anchorage Maternity Photos

Newborn Photography

I’ve had countless hours of training in safety, posing, soothing, swaddling, and over the last seven years I have also developed a guide for newborn parents to help prep baby for picture day, so that you will show up with a sleepy baby who is ready to go!

Woodland Themed Newborn Photos | Mindy Arnholt | Anchorage Newborn Photographer

"One of those days I choose to simply be a part of the world that walks around whispering to the other parts about how beautiful they all are."
- Brian Andreas