Baby Hailey’s Twinkle Twinkle Cake Smash | Kurashiki Dam, Okinawa

I know people have mixed feelings about cake smashes, but I kind of love them. I love creating these little outdoor cake smash sets to celebrate first birthdays. I love that they get messy (or sometimes they don’t). I love the excitement that surrounds these little people while they are digging into, what is often, their first taste of pure, unadulterated, refined sugar. I love that they’ve often just learned to walk months earlier and are still wobbling around on those chunky little legs.  I love bubble baths after the sessions and snuggles when they are getting dried off. I love how excited families are to celebrate their first child turning one, and I loved it even more when I saw how excited this family was to celebrate their fourth baby turning one! I pretty much just love everything about cake smash sessions. Plus… I’m still usually on a little bit of a sugar high from licking the icing bowl after finishing up the cake. Cake Smash Fukushen Gardens Okinawa | Spokane Photographer

When I started booking cake smash sessions, this bridge at Kurashiki Dam was my favorite place for them. This bridge is the the perfect spot for a cake smash… although after Vi’s Teepee Cake Smash, I’ve been doing more and more in the tall grasses. I love the way the light glows through the grass. But no matter where they’re getting into their cake, I still always have them walk across this bridge at least once or twice. Baby Hailey was the first who ever told me how old she was while she was crossing though!Cake Smash Fukushen Gardens Okinawa | Spokane Photographer

Cake Smash Fukushen Gardens Okinawa | Spokane PhotographerCake Smash | Spokane PhotographerWhen her mama told me the theme of her first birthday party was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, One Year Old Is What You Are”, I immediately envisioned this exact session. I knew it would be at Kurashiki Dam, I knew I wanted stars hanging from the trees, tall grasses, a perfect sun glow and a giant bubble bath. And you know what? We got every bit of it! Not to mention all kinds of perfect details from mama including twinkly star leg warmers, a pink and gold beaded necklace, and these darling “I’m One” birthday bloomers.  Cake Smash | Spokane PhotographerCake Smash | Spokane PhotographerPink Cake Smash | Mindy Arnholt PhotographyPink Cake Smash | Mindy Arnholt PhotographyPink Cake Smash | Mindy Arnholt Photography

Cake Smash Fukushen Gardens Okinawa | Spokane PhotographerTwinkle Twinkle Cake Smash | Mindy Arnholt Photography Twinkle Twinkle Cake Smash | Mindy Arnholt Photography

I couldn’t picture this session without a bubble bath. What I hadn’t anticipated though, was how tough it was going to be to get a bubble machine working in the middle of a field. In Japan. Where I don’t have a Home Depot. What I also hadn’t thought about was how to fill the tub with water that wasn’t going to be too cold to get a baby into to it. Luckily, between a generator from Makeman (that was fun to track down) and the world’s best bubble blowing assistants we were able to fill the field with bubbles. And thanks to our Super Solar Scuba Showers, I was able to fill the tub with hot water before filling the tub with water from the spigot, so when babe hopped in, the temperature was just right. Bubble Bath Session | Spokane Photographer

Happy Birthday, Baby Hailey! Bubble Bath Session | Spokane Photographer

Mindy Arnholt Photography will be booking cake smash sessions in Okinawa, Japan through August, 2017. Looking for a Cake Smash in Spokane, Washington? I will begin booking both indoor and outdoor cake smash sessions in Spokane beginning in October, 2017!

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