Serving Okinawa Through Sept. 2017


My love affair with photography began with a "wind, wind, click"

We were on a first name basis at the Walmart photo counter as soon as I turned 16. Every weekend I'd drop off a disposal camera full of that week's highlights and browse the craft aisles for an hour until I could pick them up. (What- first name status at Walmart is not something a lot of people brag about? pshhh...) 

Before I knew anything about exposure or aperture or shutter speed, I knew the most important thing about photography to me: I wanted to capture every moment on film. While a lot of my friends could spend every night surrounded by people, I found that I always appreciated at least a night or two of quiet. Time to sit on my bedroom floor surrounded by edging scissors, construction paper and rubber cement, listening to Train, and creating somewhat rudimentary scrapbooks. Yeah... I didn't have a lot of boyfriends, but I had shoeboxes and shoeboxes full of photographs. 

These days, I'm no longer winding up diposal cameras, and I no longer visit the one-hour photo counter with any regularity. I like to think I've learned a thing or two on the technical side over the years (mostly by trial and error and more than my share of googling). A few things haven't changed, though: I still never want to miss a moment, my greatest passion is capturing those moments in photographs, and I still listen to a whole lot of Train. 


A Little More…

I moved to Okinawa, Japan on September 30, 2014 with this guy I'd married a month earlier, and our "perma-puppy" Sydney. All three of us fell pretty madly in love with this island and would stay forever if we could.


Although I bought my first non-disposable camera almost a decade ago, and fancied myself a pretty decent photographer, I didn't really start studying photography until we moved to Okinawa. Now I can't stop. 


Some of my biggest photography crushes include: Stormy Solis, Sophia & Co., FairyDust Photography, Amy & Jordan, and Heidi Hope. I've been incredibly blessed to take classes and/or get mentorships from each of them and count myself lucky to get to learn such very different things from such very different photographers. It used to confuse me that my favorite photographers all had such starkly different styles, but I've learned to embrace it and take my favorite bits and peices from each of them to create a style that is uniquely mine. Besides- they keep my insta-feed varied and beautiful and nothing they post ever ceases to make me feel giddy! 


Over the last year I've realized just how much I love capturing the non-posed moments and focusing more on the relationships than the perfect smiles. Although, I could probably fool you on that when I start coaching you on how to hold your hand "just so" to make it look most natural. (ooops)


I have a travel blog called WalkingThroughWonderland, that is consistently about six months behind of the trips I'm posting about- but I do love it and hope I will never let it go!


I could shoot flowy dresses, tulle skirts and tutus all day, everday. The twirlier & girlier the better! Who am I kidding- I could wear them everyday too.